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Muller Worldwide Links has been operating in the professional translation, interpretation services and language courses sector since 1959.Over the years, we have acquired a solid reputation for versatility, providing translations in a wide range of source and target languages, and for precision and punctuality.We propose our services, trusting that these may provide valid support for the international relationships of your company, for the translation of legal texts (contracts, court documents, powers of attorney, commercial documents (quotes, tenders, commercial correspondence), communication (leaflets, sites, press releases) and technical literature (manuals, standards and specifications. In particular, we have built up a portfolio of specific expertise in the pharmaceutical, scientific and chemical sectors, translating the ingredients of products and medical specialities and all the related legal and communication documentation, and also providing sworn translations if required.We provide highly professional translation, interpretation and liaison interpreting services from/to the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Flemish, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Slovak, Czech, Slovene, Croatian, Serbian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Tagalog, Malay, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Albanese, Hebrew, Bosnian, Ukrainian. We offer specific expertise in the following sectors: Øpharmaceutical ØmedicalØchemicalØtechnicalØscientificØcontracts ØlegalØeconomic Øfinancial ØadvertisingØculturalØtourism


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